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Hi all,

We've created this team to make a difference in this years Melanoma March by fundraising for Melanoma Institute Australia. You can support us by clicking Donate and making a secure online donation. Thanks so much for your support!

See our story below 🖤

My husband, Clint, was diagnosed with Stage III invasive metastatic nodular melanoma in September 2022 and is currently receiving treatment.

It wasn’t a mole. It looked like a blood blister and it was on the heel. And it ‘didn’t look like a melanoma’ according to healthcare professionals who saw it.

Nodular melanoma is usually found in:
- people over 65 (he’s in his 30s)
- areas of the body with high UV exposure (he definitely wasn’t tanning his heels)

Source: Cancer Council Australia

✔️Yes, he wears sunscreen, covers up, wears a hat and sunnies, stays in shade
✔️Yes, he has regular yearly skin checks
✔️Yes, he went to the GP then dermatologist ASAP when he noticed a weird spot

Melanoma can be so aggressive and invasive that it can spread rapidly. For Clint, the melanoma appeared in May 2022 and it had already spread to a lymph node by his surgery in September 2022. Waiting for his next skin check in November 2022 would have been too late.

How did the most sun safe person I know get a melanoma? It can happen to anyone. Melanoma can appear in places that you might not think like the heel, mouth, eyes, anus, or between the toes. Check out Melanoma Institute Australia for more information and resources about melanoma.

I would like to thank and acknowledge Melanoma Institute Australia for their dedication to melanoma treatment and prevention, and in particular, their wonderful surgical team (led by A/Prof Robyn Saw) for looking after Clint.

Do what you can to catch melanoma early. Get your odd spots and weird blemishes (not just moles) checked ASAP.

Keep those dodgy spots off!

Danielle ❤️

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    Activity Summary

    Donate to make a difference

    Melanoma Institute Australia (Melanoma March)

    Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the goal of zero deaths from melanoma, a goal we believe we can reach this decade through innovative, world-class research, treatment and education programs.

    For more info, visit our website.

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