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Sunless Tanning is the way to Glow!

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Northern Pattos

Sunless Tanning is the way to Glow!


Sunless tanning is the best way to glow!

Believe me I know, I was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma at the age of 39, just after having my third baby. Imagine having a 6-month old baby and being told to prepare yourself for the worst by your doctor, as they cut into it for biopsy. My doctor knew it was bad because of the deep root system on the melanoma. I still remember that moment vividly, thinking "There’s no way, I need to be here for my kids!" tears running down my face and my husband squeezing my hand.

It's been almost five years that I have been free of Melanoma, thanks to a roller coaster of testing and the amazing team of specialists at the Melanoma Institute of Australia. My melanoma has been surgically removed along with some big lymph nodes in my groin, to stop the spread of the disease to the rest of my body. I will continue to get very regular, vigilant skin checks and the occasional test or two when I visit the MIA, but I only really live with the side effects of surgery (lymphedema) and have some big scars to tell my tale. In my case it was very aggressive for my age and it may have been sun related with hereditary factors.


What's the biggest benefit of surviving this disease? Using my experience to educate others....


Here are some quick facts about Melanoma you may not even know?


   Did - Australia has one of the highest melanoma rates in the world, it's commonly referred to as 'Australia's National Cancer'.

   One - One person is diagnosed with melanoma every half an hour and sadly one person dies from it every 5 hours.

   Mela- Melanoma is the most common cancer affecting 15 to 39 year olds, there are so many misconceptions that only older people develop deadly skin cancers.

   Did - There are a small amount of rare Melanomas that are not caused by the sun or hereditary.

   Mela- It can appear in your eyes, in your nail beds, in between your toes and on the soles of your feet, as well as all the other regular areas.

   Mela- It can be pale or skin coloured and nodular, in fact, these are so much more aggressive

- Alw 

You can help find a cure!

My family will be marching in Wollongong on March 28th for all those who have fought, for those have lost and those that are still fighting this killer disease. We will march for their strength and their courage. They are truly warriors and they deserve a cure for Melanoma right now.


Please donate and make a secure online donation if you can. Your money will go straight to the Melanoma Institute of Australia and will help the MIA achieve their mission, "Zero Deaths to Melanoma".


Thanks so much for your support.

And please remember to “watch your mates back” and get your skin checked, is it about time you did?


Game on Mole!!!

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Sunless Tanning is the way to Glow!

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    Melanoma Institute Australia (Melanoma March)

    Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the goal of zero deaths from melanoma, a goal we aim to achieve through innovative, world-class research, treatment and education programs.

    It is expected that there will be over 15,000 melanoma diagnoses in Australia in 2019. Melanoma is the third most common cancer in Australian men and women, and the most common cancer affecting 15 to 39-year-olds. In 2019, it is predicted that there will be over 1,700 deaths from melanoma - that is one Australian every five hours.

    Recent advances in treatment pioneered by MIA clinicians and researchers have tripled the life expectancy for advanced melanoma patients.

    When you support a friend, family member, or colleague who is fundraising on our behalf, you're taking steps to beat this killer disease.

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    Heidi Lynch

    for Melanoma Institute Australia (Melanoma March)

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